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The Patrick J. Kennedy Medal Of Honor The Patrick J. Kennedy Medal insignia

Boston Fire Department




The Patrick J. Kennedy Medal Of Honor The Patrick J. Kennedy Medal insignia

Year Recepient Company Year Recepient Company Year Recepient Company
1950 Ladderman Lloyd C. Philips Ladder Co. 12 1967 Fire Lieutenant John J. Hurley Ladder Co. 7 1992 Fire Fighter David A. Glover Ladder Co. 23
1951 Lieutenant James L. Crawford Ladder Co. 27 1968 Fire Fighter Joseph F. Hoar Ladder Co. 4 1994 Fire Fighter Gregory Fall Ladder Co. 14
1954 Ladderman Joseph F. Hoar Ladder Co. 4 1969 Fire Fighter Edward J. Cusack Ladder Co. 23 2002 Fire Fighter Robert E. Martin Ladder Co. 17
1955 Fire Fighter Francis A. Cady Ladder Co. 20 1970 Fire Fighter Michael J. Bruno Engine Co. 42 2003 Fire Fighter Vincent E. Dimino Ladder Co. 7
1956 Fire Fighter Franklin E. MacKay Ladder Co. 9 1971 Fire Captain Warren A. Hardy Ladder Co. 7 2006 Fire Fighter (FFOP) Joseph A. Kelleher Tower Ladder 2
1958 Fire Fighter William A. Dower Rescue Co. 1973 Fire Fighter Stephen J. Cloonan Rescue Co. 2 2010 Fire Fighter John W. Spinale Ladder Co. 21
1959 Fire Lieutenant Paul J. O'Brien Ladder Co. 4 1974 Acting Fire Lt. Charles E. Graul Aerial Tower 2 2014 Fire Fighter Patrick F. Foley Engine Co. 21
1960 Fire Fighter Robert F. Clements Engine Co. 43 1976 Fire Lieutenant Leo J. Fama Fire Prevention . . .
1961 Fire Captain Thomas P. Maguire Engine Co. 12 1977 Fire Fighter James W. Ranahan Ladder Co. 14 . . .
1962 Fire Lieutenant Richard P. McCormick Engine Co. 21 1979 Fire Lieutenant Charles E. Graul Ladder Co. 19 . . .
1963 Fire Lieutenant Thomas J. McGrath Engine Co. 7 1980 Fire Fighter Patrick F. Lee Engine Co. 2 . . .
1964 Fire Fighter Robert F. Murphy Ladder Co. 15 1981 Fire Fighter Robert T. Gorman Engine Co. 41 . . .
1965 Fire Fighter Charles L. Stokinger Engine Co. 39 1984 Fire Lieutenant Francis L. McLaughlin, Jr. Engine Co. 42 . . .
1966 Fire Fighter Anthony W. Kane Engine Co. 2 1986 Fire Lieutenant Richard L. Hartnett Tower Co. . . .

ORDERED: That the United States Treasury Bonds aggregating $2200 in par value and presently tendered to the City of Boston by the Honorable Joseph P. Kennedy for the purpose of establishing in memory of his late father, Patrick J. Kennedy, who served as Fire Commissioner of the City of Boston in 1905, the Patrick J. Kennedy Medal of Honor Fund, income thereof to be used for a medal, to be known as the Patrick J. Kennedy Medal of Honor which shall be awarded annually by the Mayor, on recommendation of the Fire Commissioner, to a member of the fire fighting force of the Boston Fire Department who has performed an act of outstanding heroism in connection with his duties as such member, be, and the same hereby are, accepted with gratitude and funded as the Patrick J. Kennedy Medal of Honor Fund, the income thereof to be used as aforesaid; and

FURTHER ORDERED:That the City Treasurer be, and he hereby is, authorized to receive and receipt for said bonds in the name and behalf of the city.

The City Council September 10, 1951. Passed.
Approved by the Mayor, September 11, 1951."

The first Patrick J. Kennedy Medal of Honor was awarded for an heroic act performed in 1950.

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